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Wayne Spicer - VIP Properties

I retired from aerospace after 40 years of working for McDonnel Douglas and Northrop. My wife, DeAnn, and I retired to the quiet small town life. We have a cow-calf operation on 100 acres nine miles southwest of Salem. We enjoy traveling and usually go on at least one cruise each year. We have two children. Our son, Rich, lives in Missouri, and our daughter, Kristina, lives in Oregon. Kristina has given us two beautiful granddaughters.

This is the second time for me in real estate. I was in real estate part-time in St. Louis from 1979 to 1985. After retiring in 1999 to our farm, I was busy with farm work. After five years, with all the buildings built and fences repaired, I found myself watching daytime television, so in late 2004 I returned to real estate. I enjoy helping people find houses and farms. When a transaction is complete and the new homeowner receives the keys to their house, itís very satisfying to see the gleam in their eye and smile on their face.

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